Whale Bird Story

With continuous development of economic globalization, international migrant population is on the rise. The authoritative statistics suggest that there are about 700,000 Chinese students seeking to study abroad every year, and the number of overseas Chinese totals 39 million. The long distance also gives rise to needs for emotional connection between people of different generations, so that is the key driver for continuous development of international courier business.

However, international courier sector in China represented by foreign-invested DHL and UPS and state-run EMS has long been labeled as “high price, slow and cumbersome process”. Most people can’t deliver items they want, and they have to make do with poor service quality. Worse still, if senders need to track or file a claim for their parcels due to unintended transportation consequences, they have to wait a long time!

That is why Whale Bird APP has been launched to tackle these thorny issues. Thanks to Sunyou’s strong logistics channel & system support, China’s top internet technology talents are gathered to form a professional technological R&D and operation team and develop an innovative smart APP-Whale Bird. The mobile app offers an integrated international express solution of “one-click ordering-quickest quote-pickup from your door-fast delivery-real-time tracking-on-time arrival”, which brings down delivery cost significantly. Meanwhile, due to its strong customs clearance capability, Whale Bird can deliver everyday items and make-ups that other counterparts can’t do, making it a truly transparent and efficient international express service platform.

Whale Bird aims to revolutionize traditional international courier sector and unveil a completely new era of smart international courier service in your palm. Whale Bird is not only a platform, but a quick bridge to deliver and link love between nations and families.